Innovative Synergies

Engineering Dimensionally Alternative Business Analysis 





Innovating Efficient Transport Synergies

Australia's road transport is dependent on imported Petrol / Diesel fuel.  The price of this fuel is exponentially rising at 9% pa which is well above the CPI.  The cost of Passenger and Freight transport by Road and Air will radically increase change well before 2025.  

Inter-State Road Freight and Air Freight will become memories as they become too expensive to exist.  Electric-powered Inter-State Fast Rail Freight will become the National Standard. 

Several initiatives advocated here would avoid the crisis and prevent White Elephant Highways and White Elephant Airports from being constructed and never used. 


Understanding Highly Efficient Business Synergies

Although Competitive Business Mindsets are heavily touted as being most efficient, all Competitive Businesses need the heavy support of the complimentary Infrastructure Businesses Mindsets to make Competitive Businesses look efficient.  

Competitive Businesses have massive low-productivity  overheads and many "Externalities" that are deliberately not accounted.   Infrastructure Businesses include practices and accounting to target and minimise "Externalities".  

Both Business Mindsets need each other to be efficient, and each have their own idiosyncrasies that make very good international business sense - in their correct place. 



Innovative Broadband Technologies

Sharing common telecommunications infrastructure provides a wealth of relatively inexpensive service connectivity scenarios that are never possible in a competitive business mindset.  

Telecomms / Pay TV / Webhosting / Customer Connectivity and a range of other infrastructure situations are far more efficiently run and operated with an Infrastructure Business Mindset.

Retail sales / content / contracts and a range of commercial Commercial Telecomms / Date service situations are far more efficiently run and operated with an Infrastructure Business Mindset.


Submissions to the Australian Governments 

This focus is a selection of submissions that have been provided to various Australian Federal Government Senate Hearings from about 2002 onwards, basically related to the Infrastructure of Telecommunications, Information Technology, Rail and Road transport; and associated regulation and Government management bodies.  


Technical Analysis of Securities  

Knowledge transfer from Electrical Engineering introduces a range of alternative analysis in how and why some mathematical processes (Technical Analysis) are particularly powerful for indicating the Buy / Hold / Sell state of securities, using End Of Day (EOD) data.  

Structured Analysis of ASX Securities

This focus area is the result of technical analysis of End Of Day data to create computer generated Buy / Hold / Sell information for Australian Securities.  (It's like having a computer play chess for you - but with "Money Tree" securities!)   

Innovative Trade Data Analysis

Following on from End Of Day data technical analysis, this brief study looks at live (trade) data technical analysis, and comes up with some very powerful yet simple rules that are otherwise very inconspicuous.

Understanding Electro-Magnetic Guitar Pickups

Electromagnetic guitar pickups are very poorly understood.  This sequential lateral engineering tutorial analysis shows how they really work, how to shape the spectrum for any pickup and blows the sales myths beyond reality into figures that are highly predictable!  


Australian Telecommunications & IT Infrastructure

This focus is a tutorial insight that provides the basics on When, Where, How and Why the Australian Telecommunications infrastructure is what it is and When and Where it should be growing and/or replaced to advance Australian business and community.  

Innovative Visual Basic Snippets

Visual Basic has come along way since before Personal PCs in the early 1980's with GeeWhiz Basic (GWBasic).  This are provides many aspects of programming in VB6 / VB.Net / VB 2008 / VB 2010 and how to make programming work for you.  

Understanding Network Addressing

Network Addressing is usually taken for granted, until it has to be understood. This focus is a guide into how the IPV4  Internet Protocol Version 4 relates to logical network addressing.