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All this Red Tape and now the Green Tape

Since about 1995, Australian business was literally covered with "Red Tape" to the point that now businesses are so bound up with documentation that they are struggling to do the work they do to make reasonable profits.  

This "Red Tape" is the result of the widespread application of the ISO9001/2 "Quality Management System".  In reality this is a Document Assurance Quality Management System, and the prime focus is to have documentation covering every aspect of every task readily available and signed off at the lowest level; so that Executive Management and the Boards / Directors are isolated from any possibility of litigation. 

The "Green Tape" is similarly the ISO14000 "Environmental Management System", which in reality is the Document Assurance Environmental Quality System; with an identical focus to isolate Executive Management / Boards / Directors  from any possibility of litigation involving environmental issues. 

Both "Red Tape" and "Green Tape" Document Assurance Systems are entirely unnecessary if the Boards / Directors / Executive Managers / Supervisors all embraced Total Quality Management (TQM), and these businesses would be far better off.  

Is Privatisation Efficient?

For several decades we have been repetitively informed that Privatisation will make businesses far more efficient and be "lean and mean"!  

For several decades I have watched efficient Government Businesses go through the stages of being privatised, run well for about a decade and then I watch the wheels fall off as the number of Government-based inquiries increases but never ask the real questions: "Why is this business not efficient"?  "Why is this business not Nationalised?"  "Where has the funds for Infrastructure rebuilding / maintenance gone"?  Usually when the essential service is finally run into the ground, the Government is then forced to pick up the pieces and Nationalise the mess.

This then really asks the question "Why was the Government Business Privatised"?  This situation then really debunks the unnecessary privatisation of perfectly efficient Government businesses.   

The basis of the problem is that those wanting to Privatise Government Businesses see the rivers of money flow and criminal greed overcomes them.  Similarly, those that make the decision to  Privatise Government Businesses are so poorly educated that they do not know the Core Business Focus of Government Businesses.  

Core Business Focus

One of the biggest assets with businesses is to have Boards and Executive Managements that actually recognise what their core business is and then plan out to execute a programme of events that maximise the value of the core business.  Unfortunately, most Boards / Directors / Executive Managers don't know what core business they are really in and consequently these people fail their own businesses. 

We have two fundamentally different and very efficient Business Categories:  Competitive Business, and Infrastructure Business, and these two business categories are poles apart but really need each other to survive. If you can identify your Core Business Focus; then . . .

Competitive Business and Infrastructure Business

Almost everybody has been incorrectly 'educated' that Competitive Business is highly efficient and that government-based Infrastructure Business is therefore "inefficient".  The fact is that Infrastructure Business can also be very highly efficient, but the approach to rating these Business categories (or "mindsets") has to be diametrically viewed to get the true picture and not the "skewed" picture.  

Stages in Competition

Everything that lives does so by competition of one form or another - so there are a few winners and a lot of losers.  'Healthy Competition' is an an oxymoron in that beyond the initial stages of competition, co-operation is quickly discarded - and war is very expensive. Competition can be gauged like pain on a linear 0 to 10 scale, where 0 is a dormant situation and 10 is war of immediate annihilation.  

Stages in Infrastructure

Infrastructure is that support system that provides essential services / support; so that communities and competitive businesses can flourish.  More than a minimum of  infrastructure will supports productivity growth but excessive infrastructure stifles creativity.  Infrastructure can be gauged like pain on a linear 0 to 10 scale, where 0 is complete anarchy and 10 is total micro-management.  

The Truth About Competition

Decades after the Cold War of the 50's, the rhetoric still persists enshrining Competition as the only way for efficient business, and like all propaganda, very little is the truth! 

The Truth About Infrastructure

Like blood in our arteries, Infrastructures are the essential services that form the foundations for our societies - and for Competitive Businesses! Very quaintly, formal education seriously avoids teaching about Infrastructure Business in most Economics courses! 

Building Efficiencies Through Synergies

Like the Fairy Godmother with the magic wand - restructuring businesses to form synergetic work groups is the real key to business efficiency.  The same is true for both Competitive Businesses and Infrastructure Businesses - but it needs clear vision to see both, and for both to innovatively work together for the best synergetic business outcome. 

Standard Disclaimer

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