Innovative Synergies

Engineering Dimensionally Alternative Business Analysis

Innovative Trade Data Analysis 

Re-thinking in Terms of Trade Data

Over the last decade there have been large technological changes that have radically changed the way that Security trading data is recorded and analysed.  Re-engineering can be an amazingly powerful efficiency tool.

The Need for Excellent Data Warehousing

One of the major problems is understanding how to warehouse data so that it can be analysed virtually at will and be kept safely so that if disaster happens then the historical data is not lost. Formal training has its value in some areas, and this is one area that could do with formal training without the snake-oil merchants!

Relating EOD Data with Trade Data

Now that we have a new perspective on data management, it is relevant to relate End Of Day (EOD) timing to live trade timing, and this opens up some amazing possibilities. 

Using the Correct Indicators

Like End Of Day data, Trade Data does it - but much better, and the reasons why are all here.  In retrospect, these reasons are very obvious, but there are several other interesting facts about Trade Data analysis that also surface!

The Practicalities of Capturing Trade Data

This document provides a good insight into how and why End Of Day (EOD) data is useful for long term investing, and that Trade (live) data is essential for medium and short term trading.

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