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Electro-Magnetic Guitar Pickups



Starting to Analyse Pickups!

Because there is such a huge amount of confusing sales pitch about which Pickup is best; it became obvious that very few people really understand what works and what doesn't, and why.  Time for my cool analytic head!  The first step that I took was to look back at what I had done in the early years and then work out how Guitar Pickups work.   


Some Basic Physical Measurements

Getting out a Micrometer and Vernier Calipers to measure the dimensions of a few guitar pickups is very revealing, and full of little surprises to explain why pickups are different (and many different pickups sound just the same). 


Some Electronic Characteristics

A few electronic measurements of guitar pickups produced a family of characteristics.


Approximating the Pickup 

With a little Circuit Theory and associating a little electronic passive filter knowledge shows very strong similarities to that of an electromagnetic guitar pickup.


Practical Pickup Measurements

Armed with good theoretical analogue electronics knowledge, years of practical experience in the same areas, plenty of measured data and a good approximation of a guitar pickup, the next step was to make some practical measurements that would characterise various guitar pickups. With a little bit of basic engineering all pickups can be predictable - NO BLACK ART


Analysing Magnetic Fields

A little bit of analysis through using Finite Element Magnetic Moments identifies several shortcomings with virtually every pickup considered and its enough to give you the Blues! Now that we have some meaningful measurements and data, we can refer back to particular pickups and tell what works, and why and what does not - and why not!


Innovating High Sensitivity Pickups

Looking a little deeper, now that we know what causes all the problems and why, a little bit of lateral thinking identifies better ways to engineer pickups!


An Insight into Volume, Tone, and Connecting

That was the easy part, but wait there is more trouble!  Not only are pickups wired in parallel and series, but they also have Volume and Tone, Amplifier and Cable loads that muck up the responses! Not only Valves give a Warm Sound!