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Engineering Dimensionally Alternative Business Analysis 

Securities and Technical Analysis



The New World of Technical Analysis

Getting started in Technical Analysis was a real opportunity, as there is so much to learn.  To get started it is necessary to understand about downloading EOD data from Paritech, then  starting with OmniTrader  was a really steep learning curve.  Now here is some more about OmniTrader


Managing Emotional Pressures

It is necessary to Detach your Emotions from Trading as there are considerable mental pressures that have to be managed.  Learning the basics of MetaStock is part of the essential Study Package to financial wealth


Understanding Noise

When we have an Understanding of what Noise is, and the many Tools that are used in other disciplines to Measure Noise, we can now better Understand why we use Candlesticks to minimise the effects of noise.  


Simple Moving Average (SMA)

With Telecommunications now Digital, and PCs everywhere, Internet just happened.  The Simple moving Average (SMA) is an excellent initial choice Noise minimising tool 


Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

One of the many mathematical inventions of the brilliant Oliver Heaviside was Singularity Functions, which opened the door to Recursive Filtering such as the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), which in practice the EMA is very usefulDaryl Guppy made a Rainbow of Moving Averages.  Multiple EMA structures like the Double EMA (DEMA) and the Treble EMA (TEMA) have normalisation and Overshoot problems.


Advanced EMA Filtering

The EMA is rather basic and there is a lot more to Structuring Digital Filters for Technical Analysis. Truncating a Cascaded EMA gets rid of the overshoot tail.  Further Digital Filters can be Over-Clocked to minimise their through Delay.


How MACDs Really Work

A little Clinical maths shows really how MACDs really work, and with little a bit of Practical Analysis we understand why MACDs false trigger with the all too fast Magic MACD Ratios.


Some Finer Points with Technical Analysis

Relatively, Security Prices are not Linear RelatedMarket Master and Stock Doctor are two excellent packages.  Having a Realisable Strategy is extremely Important