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Coordinated Communications Infrastructure Fund (2003)


As I saw it the Coordinated Communications Infrastructure Fund - "Discussion Paper" was the Tender Document for any persons or bodies of people, businesses etc to make bids for telecommunications funds in the same vein and sequence of infrastructure mistakes as the Networking the Nation program - but ensure that there are plenty of photo-shoots to maximise voter support.  Again this CCIF Discussion Paper was sorely begging for another 10 page Submission from me to show why this strategy was also fundamentally flawed. 

This Response Paper must have hit the mark as there was nothing more than an acknowledgement that the document had been received by the Department of Communications Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA).  Being somewhat cynical, my understanding is that my response was rather embarrassing to the Department and that it most probably hit the shredder before being read to anybody with telecommunications infrastructure knowledge in the DCITA.  If they had taken notice of it then this program would have been scrapped before it started.

The big missing link here to date was the Higher Bandwidth Incentive Scheme and it should be obvious that without any substantial Broadband Internet Infrastructure in anywhere but the most metropolitan of areas, it is rather difficult to have Broadband Competition!  Time for another Inquiry - this time into Broadband Competition. 

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