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The Davidson Report (1982)


The Davidson Report was a huge marking point in the historical tagging of Australia's telecommunications industry, because this report threw down the 'Competition is Better' gauntlet by showing that telecommunications services simply cannot be provided without these services being financially justified on a commercial basis. 

To compound the situation much further, this report also did its best to show that the then Australian Telecommunications Commission was operating in  a social capacity (where services were provided wherever communities existed), and it showed that the accounting practices were seriously wanting.  Concurrently, the digital age was emerging and it was very apparent that there would be a much larger range of products and services that what was currently available with analogue technologies.

What has to be understood is that the late 1970s and early 1980s was the period when most of the senior management in Australia had gone through the 1930s Depression and gone through the horrors of the Second World War, and these people were naturally rather conservative, and employing people was a very high priority - even if the tasks were menial - they were employed.  When you consider that in 1981, Telecom Australia employed about 90,000 people, and the equipment was largely manufactured locally, then the telecommunications industry employed a considerably large portion of the total work force.  

This report shows that by World standards, the Australian Telecommunications Network was recognised internationally as being well designed and soundly constructed, and that positioned itself as a plum picking for internationally based corporations to cherry-pick this network for themselves after it was opened into competition.  It was therefore not surprising that many proposals saw 'national or public interest' that this commission be opened to competition - primarily for their own business interests, and not for Australia

This report was probably one of the last Reports that was written by professional Engineers (where since then most reports have been written by Academic and/or Lawyers).  The subtle difference is that Engineers are usually focussed on the future and so the reports written by them not only include the "HOW" component, but also the "WHEN" and "WHY" components, whereas  Academics and Lawyers are not in the industry, and simply report on what has happened - meaning that those reports are practically useless as they fail to have any VISION and because of that they also fail to have any NAVIGATION on how to progress. 

Unfortunately this report is scanned as a series of images, and so the electronic copy of this Report is very (22 MB) so it has been broken into three PDF volumes - as per the volumes in print - all 933 pages of it.

Davidson Report 1982 Vol 1 398 Pages 10MB

Davidson Report 1982 Vol 2 258 Pages 5.5MB

Davidson Report 1982 Vol 3 398 Pages 6.8MB


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