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National Broadband Network I (2008)

Having seen the initial makeup of the initial so called Expert Taskforce, I produced a substantial 19 page Submission to the DCITA in August 2007 to respond to their Terms Of Reference for the proposed NBN, requesting that the existing Expert Panel be immediately replaced by those that had relevant expertise in the telecommunications arena.  Apart from that, this TOR was riddled with political and economic waffle, and my response attempted to eliminate the waffle and rethink the national Business Model because the one put forward in the TOR was in my opinion fundamentally flawed and used obsolete and inappropriate technologies.

Something must have happened because that so-called "Expert Taskforce" was dissolved and replaced, and very fortunately, in March 2008 the new "Expert Panel" on the National Broadband Network put out a Request for Information and I provided a 36 page comprehensive submission that covered many areas on the 25th March 2008 including:

  • An historical chart showing the changes in telecommunications technologies over the past 100 years with the technologies bound into nominal 5-year slots.

  • The misunderstanding about the term Publicly Switched Telecommunications Network (PSTN).

  • The need to develop a completely range of expertise based around optical fibre and Internet protocols for the new line of field staff to enter the telecomms industry.

  • The need to closely look at the current ACCC Telecomms report and recognise that the report is not aligning with the network technologies and how these networks interconnect.  

  • Understanding that the Demographic Languages as used in the ABS do not correlate with the Telecom-ese Languages used in the Telecomms world and because of that there is a large degree of misinterpretation. 

  • Comprehending the Engineers Australia Report 13 and realise that their report is scathing because the infrastructure has literally been left to fall into disrepair while maximising profits for shareholders.

  • Understanding that Australia's Golden Boomerang is the one area where telecomms infrastructure is both competitive and multi-duplicated - and this does not give a cost effective result.  

  • Realising that  Australia's Internet infrastructure is heavily biased from overseas Servers as the source material, and that Australia needs to act proactively to reverse to information flow so that Australia becomes a Source of Information and not a Sink of Information. 

  • Realise that ADSL is a very stop gap-technology and that it is useless in anywhere but CBD situations. 

  • Realise that HFC has a much larger footprint than ADSL and that HFC is being severely under-utilised.

  • Realise that the Universal Services Obligation (USO) has not worked and that a radically different approach is necessary.

  • Understand that if the Country needs to be connected, then the Country needs a high capacity Internet Backbone Backhaul infrastructure so that non-metropolitan areas can connect with the Internet with business level speeds.

  • Understand that Australia's Telecommunications infrastructure needs to move on from the Competitive Regime and move this back into a sub-government body so that its focus aligns with that of the users and not of the stock market.  

  • Build a high capacity inland Backhaul infrastructure to connect non-metro communities into Internet.  

  • Build inland mirrored servers to remove traffic demands from overseas.  

  • Stop the proliferation of ADSL equipment in any form.  

  • Use the remaining copper pairs as paired to increase current ADSL speed capabilities.  

  • Immediately introduce FTTP as the nominal way to provide Broadband Internet.  

  • Phase out ADSL and HFC.  

  • Train plenty of new field staff with Optical Fibre and Internet Protocol skills for the future.   

Very unsurprisingly, the Expert Panel merely acknowledged this submission and then filed the Submission into the Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) Archives, and by about July 2009 this archive area was wiped from the DBCDE Website!  

The Expert Panel may well have been experts, but I do not believe that their expertise was in Telecommunications, else they would have come up with my set of conclusions in less than a few days.  


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